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Bethany Diedrich

Bethany Diedrich

Bethany spent the first 15 years of her career working deep within the realm of real estate, construction, law, and finance, wearing “all of the hats” in an administrative capacity. She found a creative outlet in 2015 after discovering the world of wedding videography, which was entering a new era with the advent of the ‘prosumer’ camera. In 2017, Bethany shot her first real estate video and quickly rediscovered her love of the industry. In 2020 she found herself transitioning into what would become a full time career producing real estate and commercial media. A student of “The Art of Real Estate Cinematography”, she was introduced to a diverse network of fellow photographers throughout the United States and Canada, many of whom have used her high quality video editing services. To date, she has edited over 500 real estate videos; she says picking music is her favorite part! Bethany resides in Davenport, Iowa with her husband Andre, and daughter, Elena.

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