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Fraser Almeida

Fraser Almeida

Fraser Almeida is a Las Vegas based photographer specializing in luxury real estate, interiors and architecture. Whether projects are local or nationwide, Fraser is sought out for his creative ability, attention to detail, and professionalism. He is recognized as the premier choice in this evolving industry. Through years of delivering world-class results for his clients, his unique style and vision continues to develop. For Fraser, translating 3 dimensional spaces into a 2 dimensional medium requires understanding that the best images are not just about capturing a space; it's also about reflecting mood, inhabiting a lifestyle, and evoking emotion.

As the founder of Luxury Homes Photography, Fraser leads a team of elite professionals through mentorship, guidance, and ongoing education. Versatility is one of Fraser's greatest strengths, he pushes his team and students to learn new approaches and constantly evolve to stay ahead of the current trends in the industry. Fraser’s ability to adapt and push boundaries is what separates and defines him as a creative visionary.

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