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Tony Colangelo

Tony Colangelo

Tony Colangelo is a successful photographer who shoots for the most notable architects, interior designers and builders in his marketplace. His images have been an integral part of many award winning projects in industry-wide competitions for construction and renovation excellence. His work has been featured in numerous magazines and feature articles, including his recent feature in Architectural Photography Almanac. Tony is a long-time contributor to the real estate photography community. In 2019, he released his popular video tutorial "The Art & Science of Great Composition." Tony is a highly sought after coach, combining a thirty-year history of coaching/consulting practice, with many years of experience as a senior business executive. Tony has supported countless photographers, with many of them going on to win PFRE’s Monthly Contests. In fact, three of his clients went on to win PFRE Photographer of the Year, Including Brandon Cooper, Mike Lefebvre, and Garey Gomez.

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