Monday & Tuesday, November 7-8

Capturing Luxury: A Focused Approach to Shooting Luxury Real Estate

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Monday & Tuesday, November 7-8
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8:00 am
5:00 pm

About the Workshop

For many real estate photographers, a key aspiration is to shoot more luxury properties. To help photographers move confidently toward this goal, we’re pleased to announce a workshop led by three of the most respected photographers and teachers in our field: Wayne Capili, Fraser Almeida and Tony Colangelo.

Combining both classroom learning with hands-on experience actually shooting in a luxury home, this intensive, two-day workshop covers a wide array of topics aimed at helping you make the transition to luxury real estate photography. Topics include:

Day One

-     Differentiating core real estate and luxury photography

-     Video Q&A with multiple luxury real estate agents

-     Deep dive into achieving great compositions

-     Taking control of lighting when shooting luxury properties

-     Spending time at a luxury property with Wayne, Fraser and Tony leading the shoot

-     Preparing for and executing a great twilight shot (including aerials) of a luxury property


Day Two

-     Editing the photos captured on Day One, with Wayne, Fraser & Tony describing their own approach to editing

-     Review of practices aimed at marketing to luxury real estate agents

-     Returning to the luxury property, for you to shoot with your own gear

-     Editing your photos in real time

-     Wrap-up Q & A session


This workshop will give you the necessary knowledge and confidence you’ll need to improve your photography and approach this exclusive target audience. Register now to get the skills to take the photos you've always dreamed of creating.

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