Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022

Storytelling with High-End Real Estate Video

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Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022
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8:00 am
5:00 pm

About the Workshop

Often times, the production of real estate media is reduced to creating a standard product in the most efficient way possible. However, selling a home is an incredibly emotional process for both the buyer and the seller. As creative professionals, we can leverage the emotions of the sale to create incredible value for both our clients and our business, through the use of high quality, dynamic video productions.

In this workshop, Steven Magner and Jordan Powers will walk you through the process of telling an impactful story through real estate cinematography that will help you increase the value of your production and allow you to not only demand more money, but attract bigger and better clientele.

Tuesday, November 8th: 6am-11am, 2pm-7pm MTN

We have broken the entire day up into two time frames to so that attendees have time to grab lunch or take a nap, if needed.

What we will be covering:

  • Storytelling with light and motion
  • Timelapse basics
  • Sliders and gimbals
  • Motion control
  • Business and marketing
  • Efficient workflows

OPTIONAL: We will be sharing the finished video with all attendees, but for those interested, we will be offering an in-depth tutorial showing the entire editing process from start to finish for an additional fee (TBD). What will be covered in this tutorial:

  • Editing in Davinci Resolve
  • Demonstrations in Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro
  • File organization
  • Music selection process
  • Sound design
  • Color grading and effects
  • Editing timelapse
  • Delivery

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